Rusty Bridge – Evanston, Illinois



Rusty Bridge

Rusty Bridge in Evanston, at Custer Avenue and Washington Street.
Three handheld shots and tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro 4.0

When creating HDRs, my intention is usually to make it as realistic as possible. I am not a big fan of the “cartoon” look, but this photo is an exception, it’s very appealing to me the way it is.

The original full size image can be found here, fell free to explore my other sets on Flickr.

Chicago 2011 Blizzard – Lake Shore Drive Shut Down



This is the situation of my car as of this morning, and this is as close I’m going to get to the outside world today.

Go Chicago!


Lake Shore Drive was a disaster area overnight, as motorists found themselves stranded for up to 12 hours and ended up in the hospital. Before the city shut down the Drive, traffic had been crawling; taking about an hour to travel only a mile. Many cars were without a full tank of gas, and ended up running out. At some point people just started abandoning their cars, most people were rescued by firefighters throughout the night and taken to hospitals.

Video Courtesy of ABC News