The Walking Dead

If you’ve watched any episode of the tv series The Walking Dead, you know what I’m talking about. That deserted street with an apocalyptic look that dead ends somewhere with a couple of dumpsters, and maybe a metal fence. That’s what I was able to capture, Labor Day weekend, Downtown Chicago, from Wacker Drive looking south on Garland Court, if you look close enough (or if I had a high resolution image) you will be able to see some zombies near the red wall.

It wouldn’t look this way if it wasn’t for the magic of HDR (High Dynamic Range).  You get an image where some areas are too dark, and other areas are not dark enough, no matter how good you camera is, it will not be able to capture the highs and lows of reality. That’s where HDR comes in, you take several shots with different exposures and combine them into one High Dynamic image, that’s able to show the highs and lows without any overexposed and underexposed areas.

There are many, many tutorials and explanation of what HDR is, this is in no way any of it. It’s just my simple way of describing what HDR is in my mind, just in my mind, don’t take it too serious, just take it.

I’ve become more and more a fan of this technique. I just don’t like overdone, cartoon look HDR, once in a while maybe.

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